93 | P a g e 81. FU 2016 [165]: Individualised care I want individualised care and care delivery. Some self-management strategies that are recommended are not achievable. I can’t afford to go to the gym CHRONIC PAIN 82. FU 2016 [165]: Information delivery I expect to be given information about pain, including diagnosis and prognosis, treatment processes and self-management strategies. Even though this information will not make my pain better, it is good to understand what was wrong in my body. CHRONIC PAIN 83. FU 2016 [165]: Patient involvement I know that I must live with the pain and that there is no cure was available I will want to be involved in my treatment. I want to learn new skills to manage the pain myself and work in partnership with my HCP. I am usually happy to agree with my HCPs decisions and follow their lead. I prefer an individualised, communicative decision-making approach in partnership with my HCP. There are times that I prefer to make my own decision. CHRONIC PAIN 84. FU 2016 [165]: Mutual understanding I need my HCP to understand my pain and life situation. I need the HCP to give me an explanation and teach me how to manage my pain. I feel understood if the HCP listens and believes me and lets me participate in discussion and decisions about my treatment. Mutual understanding and communication is central to building partnerships and trust. CHRONIC PAIN
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