89 | P a g e 73. TOYE 2013 [5]: Elevation of experiential knowledge I am the expert because I am the one with the experience. I am not going to do what the doctor says. My doctor doesn’t know what my experience is like. CHRONIC PAIN 74. TOYE 2013 [5]: Social construction of ‗pathology‘ vs. normal I am struggling to know what is normal and what is pathological. They tell me it is normal. Other people just seem to get on with it. CHRONIC PAIN 75. TOYE 2013 [5]: Relentless and overwhelming pain My pain is horrific and overwhelming. I am crippled by it. I am on an emotional rollercoaster. I feel angry, depressed, guilty, bereft, anxious, frustrated, afraid and full of dread. CHRONIC PAIN 76. TOYE 2013 [5]: A culture of secrecy managing the disclosure of pain Everyone thinks this is a woman’s problem. I keep it private. No one talks about menstruation. Is it just normal? I have no one to talk to and compare with. I am isolated by my pain. Because I don’t have a diagnosis no one believes me. It is difficult to balance the tension between hiding and showing pain. People will just think I can’t cope like other women can. I am embarrassed and ashamed and this makes me feel depressed and isolated. I don’t want people to get fed up with me. I will just put up with it. CHRONIC PAIN
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