87 | P a g e 69. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain (telling others about my pain) I know that I don’t have to hide my pain from others. I need to let people know my limitations. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I will limit the demands placed on me. CHRONIC PAIN 70. TOYE 2014 [178]: Ambiguous experience of healthcare services Health professionals do not validate my experience. They tell me it is just normal and that other women cope with it. They won’t refer me to a specialist. Some say it will be OK if I get pregnant. They are not hearing my story. CHRONIC PAIN 71. TOYE 2013 [5] Validation by diagnosis I need a medical explanation so that I can be sure there is nothing serious and so that people believe me. I knew that there was something wrong when they finally found it (endometriosis). I am cross they took so long to find it. However, even though I have a diagnosis this doesn’t mean there is a cure. CHRONIC PAIN 72. TOYE 2013 [5]: Embodiment of knowledge through community I know this is real because I know my own body and there are other people like me. I am not alone with this. I have talked to other women about this shared experience. CHRONIC PAIN
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