P a g e | 5 AUDIO-VISUAL RESOURCES For more about Pain Concern‟s barriers to self-management project visit: http://painconcern.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Barriers-to-Self-Management- Report-Final.pdf ACTIVITY 3: Pain Concern breaking barriers Go to page 19 to find an activity sheet b. Airing Pain: Audio Resource http://painconcern.org.uk/airing-pain/ Airing Pain is a series of half-hour online audio podcasts, freely distributable via download. It is made by multi-award winning, former BBC senior producer Paul Evans, who lives with a chronic pain condition himself. Approaching its 100th edition, that‟s 50 hours of listening, the 2nd January 2018 edition featured an interview with Dr Paul Wilkinson, lead for the international task force for IASP‟s Global Year of Excellence in Pain Education. The most recent series covers topics such as: sex and chronic pain, diabetic neuropathy, back pain, dementia, pelvic pain & vulvodynia and sickle cell disease. Previous series cover a wide range of other topics exploring patient experience that would be useful in clinical education. c. Information Leaflets. http://painconcern.org.uk/resources/information- leaflets/ Pain Concern publishes a range of leaflets on self-management and other topics authored by leading healthcare professionals specialising in pain. They are downloadable from Pain Concern‟s website and sent out on request. Current leaflets cover: sex & chronic pain medicines for long-term pain foot pain how to manage and prevent it managing health-care appointments sleep chronic pain after breast cancer surgery manage your pain neuropathic pain chronic pain after surgery tens for pain relief managing your medications not all in the mind diet and pain amitriptyline.
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