85 | P a g e 65. TOYE 2013 [5]: Negotiate the healthcare system I feel like a shuttlecock in the healthcare system as I am referred back and forth. I don’t want to keep going to the doctor because they don’t seem to do anything but I am trapped in the system. There may be some hope of a cure. I need to feel valued and treated with dignity in the system. I want a medical diagnosis but I also need to be treated like more than just a body. CHRONIC PAIN 66. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain (Realising that there is no cure) I am no longer looking for a diagnosis as this has stopped me from moving on. I am gaining a new sense of who I am rather than thinking about who I used to be. CHRONIC PAIN 67. TOYE 2013 [5]: Reconstruct self in time (construction of time altered unpredictable now and future) My sense of self now and in the future has been altered by pain. My pain is so unpredictable that I can only live in the moment. My life is dominated by caution and I can no longer be spontaneous. My plans and dreams are irreparably altered and my life focused inwards. CHRONIC PAIN 68. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain - Redefining normal I am redefining my sense of me. I am different but still me. I can still enjoy life even though I feel a sense of loss for my old self. CHRONIC PAIN
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