83 | P a g e 61. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain (Being part of a community of others) I feel like part of a community of other people with pain, where I am valued and treated with dignity. However, I am not like all people with chronic pain. CHRONIC PAIN 62. TOYE 2013 [5]: Construct an explanation for suffering Pain does not fit into a medical category or diagnosis. I need a diagnosis or no one believes me. I feel worthless and ashamed. Doubt pervades my experience of pain. CHRONIC PAIN 63. TOYE 2013 [5]: Prove legitimacy I need to behave the right way in order to show that my pain is real. I struggle to find the right balance between looking too ill and not looking ill enough. I hide my pain so that I can appear normal but then people don’t believe me. I try and make people think that I am a good person who is not to blame for this pain. CHRONIC PAIN 64. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain (Listening to and integrating my painful body) I am listening to my body and doing what it tells me to do. It is my body and I am working with it. CHRONIC PAIN
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