81 | P a g e 57. SOUZA 2011 [179]: The importance of determining the cause of the pain I really need to know what is causing this pain and I will continue to look for a diagnosis. Otherwise people think it is in my head. Also they may have missed something serious. I don’t need to know the risks of this diagnostic test (laparoscopy) I just want to find out. CHRONIC PAIN 58. SOUZA 2011 [179]: gender issues If the doctor can’t find anything they think that there is nothing wrong with me, and that this is normal. This pain must be normal and I should just put up with it. It’s just my hormones and is normal for women. CHRONIC PAIN 59. TOYE 2013 [5]: affirm self It is a struggle to be me. My body has become alien and malevolent. I am struggling to hold onto a sense of self, although I know that I am irreparably altered. I cannot fulfil my normal roles and I feel guilty. My self-esteem is low. I don’t want to be a burden on others and therefore hide my pain. This can be a problem because if people can’t see my pain then they don’t believe me. CHRONIC PAIN 60. TOYE 2013 [5]: Moving forward alongside my pain (Becoming an expert) I am the expert and am becoming less reliant on healthcare. I know my body and I am confident to make my own decisions. CHRONIC PAIN
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