79 | P a g e 53. SNELGROVE 2013 [158]: Relationships with significant others (Health Professionals and the organisation of care) A want a mutual partnership with my HCP where I feel safe. I need to be recognised as an individual. It does not help when professionals think that I am crazy or lazy, or that I am trying to get benefits. I don’t think they believe me as they are not doing anything. I feel stigmatised. I try to look like I am in pain so that they believe me. I need to pass a medical test. I am struggling to be taken seriously. I will continue to search for a diagnosis to support my legitimacy. CHRONIC PAIN 54. SNELGROVE 2013 [158]: The impact of CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN on self My pain is debilitating and I have undermined my positive and valued sense of self. It is persistent, disruptive and distressing. I have lost my previous life and I am a different person. I don’t like what I have become and I feel negative towards myself and other people. I am old before my time and have lost my dignity. I feel ashamed and helpful. I have low self-esteem and I am socially isolated. I can no longer fulfil my usual social, family and work roles. My body has become like an alien, separate from my self. Other people judge me and are unsympathetic. CHRONIC PAIN 55. SNELGROVE 2013 [158]: Coping with CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN: My pain is not going away but I am trying different strategies to try and cope with it. Staying in bed or lying down all the time is not helping. Drinking too much alcohol does not help. It is having an impact on my self-esteem. I avoid things and people so that I don’t lose face. I am becoming isolated and depressed, although I try and be stoical and appear normal. CHRONIC PAIN 56. SOUZA 2011 [179]: Expectations regarding the doctor-patient relationship I am frustrated with my doctor and the healthcare system. I need to know what is wrong with me. The doctor downplays my problems. They focus on the physical symptoms and not on me as a person. I find it difficult to describe my pain and I don’t understand what they are telling me. I don’t think they believe me. CHRONIC PAIN
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