77 | P a g e 49. SIM 2008[159]: Searching for a diagnosis - Pre-diagnosis I have gone to so many clinicians looking for a diagnosis. What if it is life-threatening and someone has missed it? Do they think it is all in my mind if they can’t find anything? I resent being told that there is nothing wrong with me or that it is all in my head. I want a diagnosis CHRONIC PAIN 50. SIM 2008[159]: Experience of symptoms - Psychological problems I am depressed, my sleep disturbed and I cannot think straight. I am losing control of what I was. I will never get or keep a job. CHRONIC PAIN 51. SIM 2008[159] - COPING (RE-EVALUATION OF LIFE) My life has really changed because of pain. I try to maintain my normal role but his has put a strain on my relationships. I can’t do all the things I used to do. I feel isolated, lonely and bereft. I have lost who I was. In some ways this has made me discover what is truly important to me. However, I try not to think about what the future holds and live one day at a time. CHRONIC PAIN 52. SNELGROVE: Relationships with significant others (Relationships with family and friends) Although my family and friends can support me, it is difficult to maintain a normal family life. I cannot fulfil my role. I feel guilty and angry about this. I feel like a burden and that I am holding people back. People lose sympathy because there seems to be nothing physical wrong with me. Friends, family and health professionals are judgemental and I am not being treated fairly. CHRONIC PAIN
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