P a g e | 4 AUDIO-VISUAL RESOURCES PAIN CONCERN AUDIO AND VISUAL RESOURCES Pain Concern is a UK based charity working to support and inform people with pain and those who care for them, whether family, friends or healthcare professionals. Its trustees and advisory board are made up of leading healthcare professionals in their fields, patient group representatives, and opinion formers. For more information about Pain Concern, visit www.painconcern.org.uk Pain Concern produces information on pain using a variety of media platforms: a. BREAKING BARRIERS: Video resource http://painconcern.org.uk/self-management-videos/ Pain Concern produced a series of six 10-minute self-management videos as part of its Breaking Barriers research project. Pain Concern‟s Breaking Barriers self-management resources are the result of a two-year research project during which researchers spoke to people living with pain, carers and healthcare professionals about the barriers that might be preventing the adoption of self-management strategies for chronic pain. 1. The project Breaking the barriers to self-management http://painconcern.org.uk/the-project/ 2. What is self-management? http://painconcern.org.uk/what-is-self- management/ 3. GP consultations http://painconcern.org.uk/gp-consultations/ 4. Emotional impact of pain http://painconcern.org.uk/emotional-impact-of- chronic-pain/ 5. Medical investigations http://painconcern.org.uk/medical-investigations/ 6. Pain management programmes http://painconcern.org.uk/pain-management- programmes/ Researcher Katy Gordon explains why Pain Concern recognised an urgent need to carry out the project: ‗Callers to the Pain Concern helpline often spoke of difficult consultations with healthcare professionals that left them feeling unsupported and struggling to manage their pain . . . knowing what barriers might exist would be the first step to bringing about change and ultimately hoped that our report would help more people better to manage their pain.‘ What people living with pain say about the Pain Concern‟s Breaking Barriers study: ‗Your report encapsulates concisely what chronic pain sufferers are exposed to through the NHS care system.‘
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