75 | P a g e 45. SIM 2008[159]: Experience of symptoms Fatigue The fatigue is worse than the pain. I am constantly weary. It is impossible to maintain relationships and to do the things I have to because I am so tired. CHRONIC PAIN 46. SIM 2008[159]: Legitimacy Because I look healthy people don’t believe me, particularly if I remain active. I have loads of negative test results and people question my credibility because of this. I keep my diagnosis a secret and try to appear 'normal' because of the stigma of having an illegitimate illness. Doctors lose interest in me, or don’t believe me, because I don’t have a diagnosis. CHRONIC PAIN 47. SIM 2008[159]: Experience of symptoms - pain I cannot explain or get to grips with my pain. It remains ambiguous: it seems very specific at times yet hard to pin down constant yet varying when I am active and also when I rest effecting mundane activities yet globally devastating I am well yet ill it affects my body and mind it is worrying yet nothing to worry about elusive yet powerfully felt predictable yet unpredictable pain affects body and mind yet creates a chasm between my body and self. CHRONIC PAIN 48. SIM 2008[159]: Searching for a diagnosis - Post diagnosis I tried all sorts of interventions after my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia but not relief or understanding has come. I will keep looking for something that will work. CHRONIC PAIN
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