73 | P a g e 41. PARSON 2007[160]: patient education I am not being given clear or practical advice to follow CHRONIC PAIN 42. PARSON 2007[160]: Gaining Trust through Diagnosis and Referral I want to be believed not treated like a malingerer. A diagnosis is important to my credibility. I know the doctor is taking me seriously if he sends me for a test. CHRONIC PAIN 43. SIM 2008[159]: Searching for a diagnosis - Receiving a diagnosis of fibromyalgia It was a relief when I got a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia as people believed me and I knew it wasn’t life threatening. However, I now realise that this diagnosis does not bring effective treatment or cure. CHRONIC PAIN 44. SIM 2008[159]: Experience of symptoms - describing pain There are no words to express my pain to others. The pain is invisible. No one understands what I am going through. This makes it really difficult for me to cope with it. CHRONIC PAIN
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