71 | P a g e 37. MONSIVAIS 2011 [161]: Beliefs and Expectations about Appropriate Treatment I expect the clinician to give me a diagnosis, treatment and a cure for my pain. My family doctor needs to refer me on to a specialist because they are not a specialist in pain. If I do not have a diagnosis how can they treat and cure my pain? CHRONIC PAIN 38. MONSIVAIS 2011: Appropriate Treatment Expectations Generally Not Met I am trapped in the health system that is not doing anything effective to help me. I don’t feel understood or believed. I need clinicians to confirm that my pain is real. I need a diagnosis so that people take me seriously. I can’t get help or benefits unless they prove that I have ‘something’ and I will need to keep going back into healthcare system in order to prove this. CHRONIC PAIN 39. MONSIVAIS 2011 [161]: Specifically Requested Needs I expected to be told more about what is wrong with me. I expect my clinician to be caring and treat me with dignity and respect, not like I am weak or crazy. It helps me to know that they believe me and makes me feel stronger and more confident. I am frustrated to have an invisible illness and I don’t seem to be able to talk to anyone who cares. CHRONIC PAIN 40. PARSON 2007[160]: Beliefs About Pain Causation and Influences on These Beliefs My family doctor seems to focus on my pathology and not on me as a person CHRONIC PAIN
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