69 | P a g e 33. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: The undermining influence of pain - Worry and fear for the future My future looks bleak and things may even get worse. Pain has taken over my future. I am worried that I will become dependent on others. I alternate between hope and despair. CHRONIC PAIN 34. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: Learning to live with pain - Coming to terms with pain They have done all that they can for me and I have to keep going in spite of pain. I may feel better at times but there is not real cure. There is no medication that will get rid of my pain completely. I need to rely on myself. It is really difficult to come to terms with the thought of living with pain and keep a sense of purpose. CHRONIC PAIN 35. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: A disempowering impact on all levels - An oppressive intrusion on the self Pain assaults my sense of self. It is an intruder. The good side of me is constantly struggling against the bad side. My body is unreliable. I am embarrassed about being the type to have back pain. I also feel that I am to blame in some way. CHRONIC PAIN 36. MONSIVAIS 2011 [161][161]: Pain-Related Behaviours Patients May Exhibit If clinicians are not taking my problem seriously I have to make sure that I look ill, but I worry about complaining too much. I don’t tell my clinician everything because I want to stay on good terms with them. I can’t stay in a healthcare system that does not acknowledge me or my problem. CHRONIC PAIN
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