67 | P a g e 29. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: the person as patient~ unsatisfying relationships with health care - Listening and communication My clinician is not listening to me. I need them to listen, even if they can’t come up with a cure. I need someone to listen. I need to be involved in my care decisions. CHRONIC PAIN 30. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: The person as patient - unsatisfying relationships with health care - Needing confirmation The label 'chronic back pain' is too vague and does not make it seem real to me or others. I need to know a specific cause or no one will believe me. CHRONIC PAIN 31. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: Learning to live with pain - Self-management practices I will just make some adjustments and avoid the doctors. I will try and ignore my pain and continue to fight against it. Others are much worse off than me. I don’t know how long I can continue to ignore my pain. Even if I see a clinician, it is my own responsibility to manage my pain. I know it is important to do exercise and keep active but it is really difficult to stick to daily routines with pain. CHRONIC PAIN 32. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: A disempowering impact on all levels - Social withdrawal Back pain has a stigma attached to it and people don’t believe us. I avoid social situations for fear of being judged badly or being accused of malingering. I can’t really afford to join in with things socially anymore. I am irritable because of my pain and no one would want me around anyway. CHRONIC PAIN
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