65 | P a g e 25. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: The undermining influence of pain - Discomfort, distress, and loss I am in constant severe pain like someone is pulling me apart. There are good and bad days. Pain threatens every aspect of my life I can’t sleep I can't move I can’t look after myself I cannot fulfil my role I can’t do the things I have always been able to do. My life is impoverished and confined. CHRONIC PAIN 26. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: A disempowering impact on all levels - Family strain Pain has affected my personal relationships. I have lost the sense of trust and mutual understanding. I feel dependent on help from those close to me and this is causing negative feelings between us even if they are sympathetic. I may lose my partner because of this. Pain is also putting a strain on the family as I can’t do the things that I used to do and that my family expect me to do. CHRONIC PAIN 27. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: A disempowering impact on all levels - Hopelessness Why me? Why have I got this pain? I feel weak and emotional. At times I feel angry and depressed and just want to end it all. CHRONIC PAIN 28. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: A disempowering impact on all levels - Loss of job and lack of money I may lose my job because of pain and will not be able to support myself or family. Work is really important to my sense of self. I can’t manage my normal role at work and I might even damage my back further at work. My work colleagues are not supportive. CHRONIC PAIN
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