63 | P a g e 21. HOPAYIAN 2014 [164]: Service matters It is really difficult to access specialists (e.g. physiotherapy). My family doctor is stopping me accessing specialist services. There are long waiting lists and it costs too much to see someone privately. CHRONIC PAIN 22. HOPAYIAN 2014 [164]: De-legitimation I need to feel that I have been taken seriously: seen, heard and believed. I don’t think people believe me because I look normal and this adds to my suffering. I need a diagnosis so that people believe I am telling the truth. CHRONIC PAIN 23. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: Learning to live with pain - Attitudes to collaboration At times I need someone to push me so that I get on with things but I don't always want to be pushed too hard or far. At times I just want to be told what to do. At times I want to take a more active role. CHRONIC PAIN 24. MACNEELA 2015 [163]: The person as patient~ unsatisfying relationships with health care - Disappointment with health care I am frustrated with my medical treatment. My family doctor lacks knowledge and skills in pain management. I don’t think my healthcare is individualised or personal. CHRONIC PAIN
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