59 | P a g e 12. FROUD 2014 [166]:: WORK I am worried that I will lose my job and this will make thing financially difficult. I can’t afford to take time off work or go part time. I don’t tell anyone at work about my pain because I might lose my job. At times I pretend I am taking holiday rather than admitting to being off because of pain. People will think badly of me if I keep taking time of sick. I sometimes carry on and do jobs that I shouldn’t but worry that if I can do things then people won’t believe that there is anything wrong with me. Perhaps I am no longer any good at my job. CHRONIC PAIN 13. HOPAYIAN 2014 [164]: Necessity of diagnosis A diagnosis is important to me even if there is no cure. I want to prove that there is something wrong so people believe me. I want to be certain that there is nothing serious wrong so that I can get on with managing my pain. CHRONIC PAIN 14. HOPAYIAN 2014 [164]: Recognizing the expert My GP does not have the knowledge to treat my pain. I need someone who knows what to do. Medication is not going to make me better. CHRONIC PAIN 15. HOPAYIAN 2014 [164]: INFORMATION I need clear and accurate information. I need the clinician to speak clearly and take time to explain things in language that I can understand. Take time to get to know me and encourage me to discuss things. CHRONIC PAIN
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