P a g e | 47 APPENDIX 1 FILM SCRIPT ACT 5: THE CHALLENGE OF DUAL ADVOCACY JOHN I mean it's a dual role for us obviously we're responsible for someone's physical health and the second role that we have as a sort of gatekeeper . . . and the two sometimes don't sit very comfortably It all ends up on our doorstep. It is not only we who face the system we are mediators of sorts between the patient and the system. Not only must we work with the patient against the system, but with the system as well. DINUSHA Every time I send somebody to the hospital they come out with more medication, or injections. Often I find that they are not accomplishing any more than I was It’s very frustrating, because if they were easy patients, I wouldn’t have referred them. They wouldn’t have been seeing them. JOHN We get a lot of mileage out of slapping each other on the back a little bit. And increasing other members of the team’s confidence by respecting other members of the team, their profile is improved, I think there should be no sort of hierarchy in the team. If the team sort of echoes the same message and provides richness in terms of their different perspective on it, then I think there’s less confusion for the poor patients and they’re able to follow through on a unified evidence-based recommendation.
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