P a g e | 44 APPENDIX 1 FILM SCRIPT inconsistent with their experience or knowledge, there is a risk that they will not listen to you. DINUSHA People feel let down by their doctors . . . The degree of satisfaction is very low . . . basically because we don’t solve their problem . . . They go from one to the other, they find a doctor who gives them hope and they go to him. I think it’s good to take ownership . . . as soon as someone gets sort of uncomfortable they will shift to a different prescriber . . . And I honestly think it’s like a ship without a rudder and it’s just going round and round in circles. RACHEL We kept having a difference of opinion: we think that your back isn’t damaged . . . . . He said: I can’t understand that Sometimes patients refuse to believe that their condition cannot be treated . . . and insistently ask for a series of medical investigations that you, as a doctor, would not perform. In such cases, a medical investigation can work as a therapy because it helps calm the patients and at the same time shows that you listened to them. There definitely have been times when I have done what they ask me to, just purely because it's became so antagonistic in a consultation that's what I’ve done.
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