P a g e | 39 APPENDIX 1 FILM SCRIPT APPENDIX 1: FILM SCRIPT FOR A QUALITATIVE EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS Healthcare professionals‟ experience of treating patients with chronic pain, by Trevor Hearing, Red Balloon Productions, Bournemouth University, UK You can watch this film on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=477yTJPg10o SYNOPSIS This is a drama in the style of an observational documentary, Paul Watson style, handheld, with eavesdropping and comments to off-camera, set in a large GP city practice or medical centre. There are 4 characters, all HCP professionals but their precise roles are ambiguous in the film. SECTION A It is early morning getting up time. We see the cityscape, coming awake, sounds of the city. We home in on the streets and houses. We see the houses where the healthcare professionals live, diverse backgrounds. Their sense of character is identified by home circumstance. They are rushing to get ready for work. Appearing at their front doors, backing out cars, catching the bus, cycling . . . hustle and bustle of the commute, music, traffic news, checking mobile . . . SECTION B Arriving at work at the other end of their journeys at the medical centre, We follow them from the car park through the reception, waiting room, corridors to get the geography of the place, greetings, coats off, computers on, a day‟s work ahead, they reach their professional spaces though undefined by role. We are never close to or directly involved with a patient, we are focusing on the medical professionals, and we are eavesdropping on the medical centre, camera‟s point of view style. SECTION C It is the start of the day in the practice, a quiet start, with the waiting room soon filling up, in the background the receptionists are taking calls, making calls . . . we wander around, eavesdropping, point of view camera, moving here, moving there . . . getting the feel of day in the life of the medical centre. All the action from here on takes place in the consulting rooms and public spaces of the medical centre, and each of the 6 themes becomes a 1-2 minute approx. section spread across these locations with asides, conversations, and turns to camera, as they pass each other, chat over coffee, get frustrated, etc. which we eavesdrop upon. We add in looks, pauses, observation, but all the dialogue is taken from the research data words.
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