P a g e | 24 ACTIVITY 8: FINDING AND LEARNING FROM PRIMARY QUALITATIVE RESEARCH LEARNING AIM To facilitate an empathetic understanding of what it is like to live with painful conditions through engagement with primary qualitative research findings MATERIALS: A PRIMARY QUALITATIVE STUDY 1. Ask students to identify a qualitative study that explores the experience of pain. 2. Then, focusing on the findings: Either - write single sentence that summarises each finding (you could write these summary statements as if you were a participant) OR - Highlight parts of the narrative that feel important and read aloud in group OR - Find an image (e.g. from google images) that you feel represents the finding. 3. Present and discuss your summary statements/highlights or images. 4. Consider these findings in light of your own personal or clinical experiences. TEACHING NOTES: Use SECTION 3 (pages 15-16) to help identify a relevant primary study. There is not a right answer the idea is to generate empathetic discussion.
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