P a g e | 22 ACTIVITY 6: LEARNING FROM 100 FINDINGS FROM QES OF CHRONIC PAIN LEARNING AIM: To facilitate an empathetic understanding of what it is like to live with painful conditions and thus facilitate a therapeutic partnership. MATERIALS: THEME CARDS IN APPENDIX 2 (OR ANY APPENDIX FROM 2-10), ENVELOPES: Cut and sort the cards into piles with a shared theme. Put each pile or „theme‟ into an envelope. Write one sentence on the front of each envelope that describes the theme inside. Compare and contrast your ideas with the group. TEACHING NOTES: This activity can be done in groups or as individuals before or during the session depending on the time available. Using all 100 cards will take a long time. Give students a limited number to work with, particularly if time is limited during a session. Give each group a random selection of cards (e.g. 20 cards). Groups are likely to find common themes to discuss about what it is like to live with pain. You could try this activity with any of the QES findings in appendices 2-10.
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