215 | P a g e 9. EGERTON 2017 [191]: ‗Dissonant patient expectations‘ If a patient expects/wants something that I don’t think is appropriate, I will sometimes do it so that I can maintain trust. It is sometimes difficult to talk to patients about their diagnosis if I don’t have a diagnostic test. It is difficult to talk about weight loss. I don’t have the skills for these difficult conversations. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 10. EGERTON 2017 [191]: Osteoarthritis is not that serious Osteoarthritis is a normal part of ageing and not as serious as other conditions. Everyone gets it. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 11. EGERTON 2017 [191]: Other reported barriers or enablers No central theme in this finding. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 12. EGERTON 2017 [191]: Personal beliefs at odds with providing recommended practice I feel pretty negative about the chances of this osteoarthritis getting worse and don’t know if any treatment will work. I don’t think that they will take my advice. Patients don’t think that medications are effective. There is not much that I can do for this. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS
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