199 | P a g e 13. FLEMMING 2010 [190]: CONTROL - Opioids and Opioid Concern. I am really worried about taking opioids. It means my cancer is worse and death is approaching. Opioids are the last resort a ‘‘death sentence’’. There is a social stigma about taking opioids. Once I start, I will have to take more and more I will be sedated and death will follow. I will resist taking them because I remember what it was like when I had them before. I may become addicted to them or they may lose their effects so won’t work when I really need them. CANCER PAIN 14. FLEMMING 2010[190]: The Existential Meaning of Cancer and Cancer Pain Cancer means pain. Increased pain means that my cancer is getting worse. Death will be a relief from pain. Starting morphine means that I am at the end stage. Starting morphine means that I am coming to the end. Pain signals death and relief from pain. Why me? CANCER PAIN 15. FLEMMING 2010[190]: The intersubjectivity of pain - The Role and Influence of Health Care Professionals in the Management of Pain (healthcare professional experience) CANCER PAIN 16. FLEMMING 2010[190]: The intersubjectivity of pain - The Management of Pain by the Patient A. Opioids are a blessing and a curse. I am striving to live but also want to ensure a comfortable death. Taking morphine just isn’t me. I feel guilty and constantly try to justify why I have to take it. I will just take it when I need it. I will use other ways of reducing my pain I will try and relax I will try and distract myself. There are others who are less fortunate than me. CANCER PAIN
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