197 | P a g e 9. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing self Coping I cope in various ways: sometimes I just give in to it sometimes I take it as just another health problem to deal with sometimes I just wait and see what will happen sometimes I just live from day to day. CANCER PAIN 10. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing self - Losing independence I need to get back my old independence so that I can be me again. Lots of things make this difficult. For example, if I can’t drive I need to rely on others. CANCER PAIN 11. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing self - Challenges of returning to work Returning to work is a major challenging step for me. I need to prove that I am ill when I am at work. My colleagues don’t understand that I still have symptoms after treatment. I returned to work too early to prove that I was ‘well’ and still capable. I tried to do too much too soon and this has caused other problems. My ongoing symptoms meant that I struggle to return to my old job, to find a new job or continue with education. CANCER PAIN 12. FLEMMING 2010 [189]: The inter-subjectivity of pain - The Role of Caregivers. [Carer experience] CANCER PAIN
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