195 | P a g e 5. BENNION 2013 [189]: Symptom experience I can't sleep and have no energy I am in pain my mood is low at times I can't do things I can't think straight I don't look the same I have respiratory symptoms my menopause came early and intimacy is no longer the same. CANCER PAIN 6. BENNION 2013 [189]: Health services interaction and the need for information - Being unprepared I was not prepared for symptoms after cancer treatment. I expected to feel sick because of treatment, but no one tells you about the other things. I didn’t expect symptoms to go on for so long. Early menopause was a big shock. CANCER PAIN 7. BENNION 2013 [189]:changing self - Changing bodies Cancer has changed my body and how other people see me. I have lost control of my own body. I am frustrated that I can no longer do some very basic things. CANCER PAIN 8. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing self - Changing mind I am no longer the person that I once was. I am struggling to be my old self. I have been left with ongoing unexpected symptoms which prevent me from being my old self. However, cancer has made me have new priorities. CANCER PAIN
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