193 | P a g e 1. BENNION 2013 [189]: Health services interaction and the need for information Communication When my treatment was over my doctor abandoned me. I have to deal with it alone. I am left with symptoms that I didn’t expect and struggle to come to terms with it. I don’t want to bother the doctor with things that may not be related to cancer. I am afraid that I will miss something and my cancer is back. The doctor is dismissing my concerns and thinks that I am imagining things. They don’t want to talk about things that they cannot fix. The doctor should ask specific questions, rather than just say 'how are things? so that I know what is normal and what isn’t. CANCER PAIN 2. BENNION 2013 [189]:Health services interaction and the need for information - Future fears Cancer makes me uncertain about the future and I am fearful of any new health problem. Cancer brings mortality into focus. I am worried about death and what death will be like. CANCER PAIN 3. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing relationships - Family relationships and friendships I am embarrassed by my symptoms and hide them, or pretend it is normal to my friends and family. I feel more confident with people who know about it. However, it is still embarrassing. I am worried about being stigmatised. I feel misunderstood and alone. CANCER PAIN 4. BENNION 2013 [189]: Changing relationships - Sexual relationships Cancer has disrupted my existing relationship. I feel insecure about my body and my partner also has concerns. I struggle to communicate my feelings to my partner. I don’t feel attractive and have lost my sex drive. CANCER PAIN
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