185 | P a g e 17. BARKER 2016 [187]: overwhelming uncertainty: What are the actual benefits of medication? It can’t decide whether or not to take medication. The side effects seem to outweigh the benefits. I am afraid and suspicions will it cause cancer? Have I been fully informed? Is the doctor over-prescribing? What is the agenda of pharmaceutical companies? The whole procedure for taking the medication is very complicated. I don’t like the idea of taking a lot of pills. I prefer to make lifestyle changes. Some feel medication is the only way to stop it getting worse. OSTEOPOROSIS 18. BARKER 2016 [187]: overwhelming uncertainty: Relationship with healthcare professional I need a positive relationship with my HCP to help me through this uncertainty and to help me to understand my risk and choices. I need them to listen to me, treat me with respect, keep me informed and to take me seriously. At times the doctor is too busy or ‘not interested’. Some think that the doctor can’t be wrong and you should just follow their instructions. I need to be my own health advocate to take control and find things out, ask questions and actively seek out specialists or specific medications. OSTEOPOROSIS 19. BARKER 2016 [187]: overwhelming uncertainty: What is my risk? I really don’t understand if I am at risk of fracture. Everyone gets a bit of OP. I haven’t discussed my BMD tests. No news is good news. I am confused and worried about inconsistent information. One clinician told me that don’t need testing because I don’t have the body type that is at risk one told me that medication is preventative. I find out all that I can from written material, friends, family or other people with OP. OSTEOPOROSIS 20. BARKER 2016: overwhelming uncertainty: What is a ‗BMD‘ test all about? What is a BMD test I don’t understand it or what it means for my risk of fractures. I thought it was going to be an invasive test and was pleasantly surprised. A good understanding of test results could help participants to evaluate their risk and decide what to do. OSTEOPOROSIS
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