183 | P a g e 13. BARKER 2016 [187]: The ageing body: osteoporosis synonymous with age and decline OP is a normal part of ageing that is out of my control. I am no longer steady on my feet so at risk of falls and fractures. I am a bit doddery, not fragile. Older bones are weak, brittle or thin. It is the wear and tear of age, like arthritis. I can see my body getting old and this is a frank reminder of decline with age. OSTEOPOROSIS 14. BARKER 2016 [187]: The ageing body I am focussing on life’s possibilities - I focus on enjoying the possibilities of getting older and taking on new challenges. I maintain meaningful and valued occupations. This is integral to good health, quality of life and a positive sense of self. Ageing is natural. Growing wise with age has benefits. A positive approach to life keeps you in good health negative thinking and worry can have an adverse effect. OSTEOPOROSIS 15. BARKER 2016 [187]: Gender - osteoporosis is a women‘s condition I am ashamed and embarrassed about having a ‘female disease’. I don’t tell anyone because people might laugh at me I may even lose my job. Men should be strong and OP means that I am weak. It is not manly to be sick. OSTEOPOROSIS 16. BOMBAK 2016 [188]: What Does Osteoporosis Mean for Patients and the Public - Clinical Confusion OP is a natural by-product of aging. It can also be life-altering & catastrophic. I am confused by the connection between bone health and fractures. I get different messages from different people. I don’t see how my bone health leads to broken bones. My fracture was from a traumatic accident. I don’t understand ‘BMD’ tests. I don’t know what osteopenia is it can’t be that serious. Maybe the results aren’t accurate? If I don’t hear back from my tests it must be OK. OSTEOPOROSIS
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