P a g e | 14 SECTION 3: Primary qualitative research exploring the experience of pain Although we identified more than 40 QES that explored the experience of pain, there is not a QES available for all painful conditions. It may be that the process of synthesising studies takes us a step away from the lived experience. We would therefore encourage clinical educators to include primary qualitative research in clinical education. In a Cochrane Blog (Evidently Cochrane) Fran Toye asks the question „Can qualitative research improve patient care?‟ http://www.evidentlycochrane.net/qualitative- research-patient-care/. She gives an overview of how to find a study, decide whether or not it is a good one and what to do with it. How do I find a qualitative study QUICK VERSION: Combine qualitative thesaurus terms (e. g on Medline - QUALITATIVE RESEARCH/ FOCUS GROUPS/ THEORY, GROUNDED/) with condition specific terms. LONG VERSION: Include a wider range of terms. For example, some useful thesaurus terms are shown in figure 1 Figure 1 useful search terms for identifying primary qualitative research studies
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