171 | P a g e 5. VAISMORADI 2016 [186]: IDENTITY OF PAIN - Life-bounded Pain is not just physical it is connected with how I feel. Other things in my life, such as deteriorating health, loss of freedom, the death of loved ones, and the experience of being abandoned increase my pain. OLDER PEOPLE 6. VAISMORADI 2016 [186]: Normalizing suffering My pain is inevitably caused by the physical changes of old age. My pain also brings emotional suffering which increases pain. Emotional distress with age is painful. Physical and emotional pain overlap. This makes it hard to measure pain. I want someone to validate my pain. At times, my pain is undermined by others and my suffering is framed as a 'normal' part of ageing. OLDER PEOPLE 7. VAISMORADI 2016 [186]: IDENTITY OF PAIN - Age-bounded Physical pain accompanies old age. Pain varies in intensity, location and duration. My pain is not always as disturbing but ever present. Moving me around also causes pain ‘‘don’t grab hold of me there, grab me here’’ OLDER PEOPLE 8. VAISMORADI 2016 [186]: Expected pain Pain is expected and unavoidable as you get older. It is difficult to control it. Pain causes lack of energy, disability, personal loss, loneliness and isolation, and a low quality of life. OLDER PEOPLE
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