169 | P a g e 1. CROWE 2017 [185]: Adjusting to the inevitable I must adjust to the inevitability of living with an aging body. My body is frailer and fragile and I need to adjust my lifestyle accordingly. I need to pace myself and establish daily rhythms so that I can make the most of the things that I can do. Pain is an inevitable part of ageing. OLDER PEOPLE 2. CROWE 2017 [185]: Doing it my way without medication I don’t want to take medication and have been disappointed with the effects of them. There are side effects, long-term consequences, and possible addiction. I don’t want to take a whole load of medications for different things. Medication is a last resort and may mean I lose my independence. I prefer to cope with pain with my own remedies. My independence is really important to me and I want to stay in control. I am responsible for managing my own pain. I want to manage on my own without assistance. I will keep busy and keep involved in things. OLDER PEOPLE 3. CROWE 2017 [185]: The importance of support in managing the struggle Coping with pain is a daily personal struggle. I need to persevere and become confident in managing my own pain so that I can cope. I need support to manage this daily struggle, not necessarily medication. I need information to be able to make decisions. I want to be active in healthcare decisions. My peers are important sources of information. OLDER PEOPLE 4. VAISMORADI 2016 [186]: Care-centred perspective Staff members are not validating my pain I kept telling her about this ugly pain. She’d take no notice of me. At times I hide my pain and don’t tell others I don’t want them to worry or think I am a complainer. OLDER PEOPLE
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