159 | P a g e 9. TONG 2012 [184]: Managing treatment - Benefi ts of taking medicines Medication is important for my health and I integrate it into my daily routine. Some find it difficult to take their medicines and worry about blood tests which may mean that you have to increase medication. I worry about becoming dependent on pain medication and am careful about taking it too much. JUVENILE IDIOPATHIC ARTHRITIS 10. TONG 2012 [184]: striving for normality I feel very different to everyone else and that I will not reach my potential. I don’t want to be labelled as sick or disabled. JUVENILE IDIOPATHIC ARTHRITIS 11. TONG 2012 [184]: striving for normality - Focus on remission I try and focus on times when I am in remission and can move without pain. I am hopeful about a time when I will be free of pain and symptoms. JUVENILE IDIOPATHIC ARTHRITIS 12. TONG 2012 [184]: striving for normality - Sense of community I value support from my family and other young people with arthritis. Meeting others with arthritis makes me feel more normal and means that I can share my experiences and feelings. We can also talk about ways to cope better. JUVENILE IDIOPATHIC ARTHRITIS
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