151 | P a g e 13. DOCKERTY 2018 [180]: Perceived effectiveness of medication I will take my pills if it will reduce my pain and the impact is more than potential side-effects. There is ‘balance’ between the pros-and-cons of taking medications. I need to have clear information about medication. OSTEOARTHRITIS 14. DOCKERTY 2018 [180]: Knowledge and education I am not very clear about the timing, duration dose and frequency of medications and don’t have enough support on this. I am disillusioned and not motivated to stick to my prescribed medication. I think that my HCP trivialised OA this makes me think that it is trivial, so what is the point of taking all this medication. If the HCP involved me in the decision on medication and listened to what I have to say, I would be more likely to take this medication. OSTEOARTHRITIS 15. DOCKERTY 2018 [180]: Severity of symptoms If I have more pain I am more likely to take my prescription. Pills can affect my sleep and lifestyle. OSTEOARTHRITIS 16. DOCKERTY 2018 [180]: Side effects and acceptability My pills can make me constipated and dozy. Some people even get ulcers or become addicted to them. I am worried that I will become addicted or come to rely on medication. I am also worried that painkillers will mask my symptoms. If I have no pain then people may not believe that I have a problem. Also, there are just so many pills it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle. OSTEOARTHRITIS
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