147 | P a g e 5. SMITH 2014 [182]: delayed formal consultation with general practitioner (GP) I have been managing on my own and don’t want to bother the doctor unless I need to confirm my suspicions. I ask other people for information and advice. The GP can’t do anything anyway. I will go to the doctor when I can’t manage anymore. I am a bit worried that I am becoming unsafe because I keep falling. I will seek help when I reach critical point. A diagnosis does not really affect the situation, although it may help to explain things and let me know what to expect. OSTEOARTHRITIS 6. SMITH 2014 [182]: Inevitability of failure of conservative treatment and requirement for surgery A joint replacement is inevitable. I don’t know what I think about non-surgical treatment. It might improve my symptoms but it is not a cure. It may stop things getting worse. Surgery is the only solution. Anything else is a waste of time. Other treatment is just a hoop I have to go through before they will consider surgery. Some clinicians trivialise OA. However, If I had faith in my doctor and they wanted me to try conservative treatment, I might try it. OSTEOARTHRITIS 7. SMITH 2014 [182]: Role of healthcare professional‘s interventions My Dr says ‘it’s just old age’. I consult other people & the media. I listen to people with OA. Drs don’t know. I only talk about my fatigue to those who are close others might think badly of me. I worry about side effects of pills. I am not a ‘pill-popper’. I am not weak. Pills don’t help me and may cause tiredness. I take them by trial and error. Perhaps I should discuss this with my doctor? I don’t know if their job is to diagnose or treat OA. I want to learn how to manage myself. OSTEOARTHRITIS 8. PASKINS 2014 [183]: Diagnosis I waited a long time to be diagnosed and it was a relief to have my symptoms legitimised. ‘Wear and tear’ implies it is my age or that nothing can be done, or the Dr has given up on me. However, it means it is normal. You have to use it or lose it. However, using it might cause more wear and tear. OSTEOARTHRITIS
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