129 | P a g e 49. HOVING 2013 [174]: Disease symptoms and effects on work I am tired and lack energy. I am in pain. My joints are stiff and I am physically limited. I can’t concentrate or solve problems. Fatigue is particularly difficult for me and other people don’t acknowledge it. RA is invisible and that makes it worse. My symptoms fluctuate and this makes it difficult to plan. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 50. HOVING 2013 [174]: societal and economic factors Losing my job or benefits has financial consequences. I have to pay for treatments. I feel stressed, afraid, guilty and also uncertain that I can keep at work. My financial concerns affect job choices and career prospects. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 51. HOVING 2013 [174]: Emotional challenges RA is an emotional challenge. I am afraid, afraid, anxious and uncertain about the future. I feel sad about my limitations. I feel dependent and helpless. I feel guilty if I take time off work. I feel uneasy about asking for help. I am a burden to the organization. My aspirations are not being fulfilled. I will no longer take risks. I find it difficult to set boundaries. My frustration and low mood can make it difficult to deal with colleagues and create a pleasant disposition at work. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 52. HOVING 2013 [174]: Interpersonal issues and choices affecting work and family life I need to my colleagues to know and understand about my RA. If you don’t tell other people it is difficult for others to understand and give the necessary support. Communication is vital to understanding and support. Difficulties at work can spill over into home life. Trying to stay at work can be detrimental to my personal life. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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