P a g e | 9 QUALITATIVE EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS IN PAIN We aimed to identify any QES that explored the experience of pain. SEARCH STRATEGY. We wanted to keep the search broad and to identify any QES that explored the experience of living with pain. We used search terms that were likely to identify QES (figure 1) combined with thesaurus and free text searches to identify studies that explored the experience of pain (exp PAIN or pain.ti,ab). We also included „arthritis‟ as a search term (exp ARTHRITIS/ or arthritis.ti.ab), as we felt that these conditions, although painful, would be otherwise missed. Arthritic conditions had not been included in the QES of chronic musculoskeletal pain experience by Toye and colleagues[5]. Figure 1 - SEARCH TERMS for QES: qualitative evidence synthesis” OR “QES” metasynthes* OR meta-synthes* OR "meta synthesis" metasummar* OR meta-summar* OR "meta summary" metastud* OR meta-stud* OR "meta study" metaethnog* OR meta-ethnog* OR "meta ethnography" metanarrative OR meta-narrative OR "meta narrative" "critical interpretive synthesis" “realist synthesis” “thematic synthesis” qualitative ADJ4 systematic* qualitative ADJ4 review qualitative ADJ4 synthes* noblit adj4 hare
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