121 | P a g e 33. KELLY 2017 [172]: Negotiating treatment expectations - 1. Reaching the end of the line I have failed multiple DMARD treatments and this is having a profound effect on my mood. I feel very emotional and increasingly desperate. Biologic DMARDs are my last resort and is my last hope. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 34. KELLY 2017 [172]: Negotiating treatment expectations - 2. Mediocre benefit DMARDs have helped a bit but I still have symptoms and flare ups. I hope for future medical advances. I was disappointed as I was expecting an immediate and pronounced response. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 35. KELLY 2017 [172]: Negotiating treatment expectations - 3. Miraculous recovery I was delighted that DMARDs exceeded my expectations. I am the "healthiest I’ve been in years”. I forget that I have RA. It has lifted my spirits, improved my self-esteem and my relationships. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 36. KELLY 2017 [172]: Powerful social influences My family, friends, doctors and nurses can have a strong influence on my experience and decision to take DMARDS. “I feel I have a good doctor and I feel that he was doing what was best for me personally. If it wasn’t for the trust I have in my doctor, then no, I wouldn’t have took it.” RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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