115 | P a g e 21. KELLY 2017 [172]: Maintaining control - 1. Minimizing lifestyle intrusion: I want to have the choice to take DMARDs so that I can minimise the impact of symptoms on my life. I need information to help me make the decision. I want to be involved in decision on how to administer DMARDs RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 22. KELLY 2017 [172]: Maintaining control - 2. Complete ownership of decision: I have the right to make the final decision about taking biologic and conventional DMARDs and want comprehensive information. The doctor needs to be explicit about the potential effects of DMARDs RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 23. KELLY 2017 [172]: Maintaining control - 3. Taking extreme risks: I want to keep in control of RA and am willing to accept the risks of complications such as organ damage or low platelet counts. I am going to continue taking them even though I have been told not to. I would “kill for” DMARDs. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 24. KELLY 2017 [172]: Distressing uncertainties and consequences I am worried that DMARDs are not safe and don’t know if they work. “My orthopaedist said: ‘‘arthritis patients actually have 2 diseases, that is arthritis and methotrexate’’ I have always remembered that.” RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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