111 | P a g e 13. LIN 2011[171]: Bolstering Courage - 2. Having responsibility for nurturing Being responsible for looking after my family gives me inner courage and strength. I am determined. I never admit defeat, and have the courage to adapt to my RA. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 14. LIN 2011[171]: Bolstering Courage - 3. Maintaining hope Keeping hope that I will recover and having faith in medical research helps me to be positive. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 15. LIN 2011[171]: Bolstering Courage - 4. Strengthening the will to live I identify with, and am inspired by, the bravery and accomplishments of others with RA. Caring for each other encourages us to listen and be empathetic to others. My family and partner are an important support. HCPs can also support my well-being. My faith is a source of strength. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 16. LIN 2011[171]: Reframing the Situation I can help my pain by changing the way that I think. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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