109 | P a g e 9. STACK 2011 [170]: Minimising the impact of symptoms It is normal ‘aches and pains’ for someone like me (age, gender, life circumstance, etc.). I will ignore it and get on with my normal daily activities. Other life events get in the way of going to the doctor. I am healthy and there is nothing wrong with me. I can't possibly deal with anything else on top of what I have to deal with already. I am not going to admit that this could get worse or be permanent, and I don’t want to have treatment. However, if it disrupts my daily activity I cannot ignore it. At first I will make adaptations but I may need to seek help. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 10. STACK 2011[170]: Speaking to others, gathering information and seeking alternative treatments It has come on very slowly so I don’t need to rush to the doctor. I ask my family and friends before I go to the doctor. My partner insisted that I seek help. My friend said that I might have RA. My friends have suggested different remedies so I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. I feel a bit isolated because people are not taking it seriously. I hide it from family and friends because they will think I am a ‘moaner’. People are not very empathetic. My RA is invisible so I don’t have to tell people. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 11. LIN 2011 [171]: Bolstering Courage Finding some energy will help me have the courage to face life challenges. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 12. LIN 2011[171]: Bolstering Courage - 1. Having confidence and optimism In the face of uncertainty I face the future with the optimism and self-confidence that I have gained from past experience. This is integral to my feeling of well-being. Nothing gets me down because there is always so much more to be thankful for. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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