P a g e | 7 AUDIO-VISUAL RESOURCES Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives The content on the Healthtalk website is developed by The Health Experiences Research Group, part of the University of Oxford‟s Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. The website is managed by the DIPEx charity. To read more, visit: http://www.healthtalk.org/about/overview#ixzz53RQklasB Using Healthtalk in clinical education Healthtalk is used extensively in teaching healthcare professionals this is a link to how you can use the site‟s content http://www.healthtalk.org/learning-and-teaching/copyright. There are many clips that you could use across the website to show aspects of what it is like to be a patient with pain. You can choose your own and create a lesson around the aspects of pain that you want your learners to consider. The Scrapbooks featured on the website allows learners and teachers to save relevant videos and pieces of content together in collections or scrapbooks. You can: add descriptions, keywords and images, share individual scrapbooks with learners and colleagues, videos will appear as a playlist to use in presentations/lectures/seminars, set scrapbooks as private or public, browse and benefit from scrapbooks made by others. ACTIVITY 4: LEARNING FROM HEALTHTALK.ORG Go to page 20 to find an activity sheet
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