105 | P a g e 1. STACK 2013 [169]: emotional impact I feel depressed and think about killing myself. I am angry. I am afraid. I don’t know what to do because symptoms are insidious and fluctuating and vague. This is very upsetting. Perhaps it is even more frightening when it comes on quickly. RA diagnosis was a relief and validated what I was feeling. It confirmed the physical origins of my suffering. “I was relieved to know that it was not in my mind [laugh], that I was not going crazy”. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 2. STACK 2013 [169]: fatigue and weakness. I feel weak, weary and “flu-like”. Fatigue overwhelms me. I cannot lift a tray. This is made worse because I cannot sleep. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 3. STACK 2013 [169]: pain and tenderness. My symptoms were vague just “everyday aches and pains”. It came on gradually but has become severe and I can no longer do things. For some, pain comes on rapidly and severely and people will go to the doctor straight away. Sometimes pain can go away or migrate to other areas. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS 4. STACK 2013 [169]: joint stiffness My joints feel stiff. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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