101 | P a g e 97. CROWE 2017 [167]: Keeping going I try to keep going despite the struggle with pain. This means I have to accept pain as part of my life. I have found ways to live differently and to accommodate my pain. It is a balancing act between: hope/resignation, dependency/withdrawal, past/present self, suicide/fight, normal/different. However there are others who are worse off than me. I am finding some meaning in my experience. CHRONIC PAIN 98. CROWE 2017 [167]: Invisible but real I am being disabled by invisible pain. I keep it to myself because I don’t want to bore others and they won’t believe me. Health care professionals don’t believe me. People don’t believe me because my pain cannot be seen or measured. Even though it is invisible, my pain is real. CHRONIC PAIN 99. CROWE 2017 [167]: Disrupted sense of self I have become a different person and have to redefine what is normal. My body and my self have become separate. CHRONIC PAIN 100. CROWE 2017 [167]: Unpredictability I cannot control my pain or predict when it will occur. I need to be ever vigilant, be prepared and always calculate the risk of engaging in certain activities. My pain seemed illogical, incomprehensible and overwhelming. CHRONIC PAIN
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