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"This is a timely book that provides a snapshot of the current state of CPSP..."
APS Bulletin, Volume 18, Issue 1, 2008, Reviewed by Misha Backonja, MD
"This book cannot be recommended for laypersons. It is a multiauthored exhaustive result of a symposium 2006 focusing on one very narrow field – Neurology. [...] With the understanding that the target audience is neurologists and scientists engaged in pain research, the book seems to be a coherent exhaustive overview covering the background of current beliefs about stroke in general, mechanisms of pain, and then neurologic changes accompanying neuropathic pain. [...] The lead author, James L. Henry PhD, is an iconic figure in pain research."
The Journal of Long Term Home Health Care, Volume 27, Number 1, 2009, Reviewed by Michael J. Sarg Jr., MD